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Become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals.

Many people have goals that never become reality and only reside in their minds.

At LVL Three, we provide the tools and support to bring your goals into fruition, launching you into a life equipped for sustainable-success, with increased moments of clarity and confidence.

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I know what it is like to...

Waste time thinking and analyzing the next steps to take.

And nothing beats the frustration of watching less talent people pass you by.

Hi my name is Aaron Thomason, founder, award winning coach and best selling author.

Throughout my almost 30 years of coaching individuals and organizations across multiple industries and sectors, the only difference in those who are winning and those who are still thinking about winning, is the clarity of their purpose and passion.

At LVL Three we believe its very simple, your passion will intersect with your purpose with clarity and confidence if you:

     1. Understand “who you are” and “where you are”.

     2. Understand “where you want to go.”

     3. Take action on the plan until your goals are reality.


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What industry leaders say...

"I know firsthand the advantage of calling Aaron a colleague. I have benefitted from his teamwork approach to projects and his expertise in leadership."


Emmy Award Winning Television Producer

"Aaron has great interpersonal skills and is very knowledgeable and provides objective feedback from both a macro and micro perspective. Everyone needs an ‘Aaron’ in their life.” 

Dr. Banks

CEO and published author

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Master your mindset and reach your goals.


Growing up in Detroit, I learned early, gun violence, a broken home, accompanied with the financial stressors of urban oppression can derail anyone’s goals if you let them. 

And I know many of you have had your challenges as well.

Clarity of my goals in the midst of chaos produced the confidence needed to earn scholarships at two separate universities, learn the principles of teamwork and the championship mindset.

These lessons and proven strategies I use  when working with Fortune 100 companies and first round NBA draft picks.

I am making them available to you for both personal and professional application.

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Additional thoughts...

“Aaron knows how to assess a situation with empathy and tangibly get you to your destination, whether you are stuck or need a refreshing course of direction.”


Award Winning Film Producer | Best Selling Author

"Aaron’s passion for people and for providing exceptional customer experiences grounds him in every decision that he makes." 


Sr. Oncology Specialist

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