Join Us October 4th - 5th at Vyrós Live Event 2024 

In Washington, DC you will be  immersed in a three-part event that will ignite your passion, awaken your dreams and equip you for your path to greatness.

Unlock Your Potential and Live Your Dream


Vyrós is not just an event; it's a movement. Over two unforgettable days, you'll:

  • Be inspired by industry leaders and experts: Hear from those who are living their dreams and learn how you can live yours through impactful workshops and talks.
  • Exclusive book release: Be the first to get your hands on best-selling author Aaron Victor's latest book, designed exclusively for Vyrós attendees.
  • Celebrate with "An Evening With the Heroes": Enjoy gourmet food, live music, and a surprise that will make this night unforgettable.

Limited tickets available. Register now!

Join Us For an Unforgettable Two Days!


This group of speakers are more than experts, they're the embodiment of true courage and determination. Be prepared to be inspired, empowered and spurred to ignite the action within you!

We don't just provide you with lectures, we serve you life-changing narratives that could redefine your journey.


Aaron Victor

Event Host

  • Award Winning Coach
  • Best Selling Author

Whitney Dawn Breaux

  • Global Marketing Leader
  • Breast Cancer Bad Ass


Dr. Angela D. Thomas

  • Nationally Renowned Healthcare Executive & Scientist

Adam Thomason

Award Winning

  • Writer
  • Director
  • Filmmaker

Dr. Kelvin L. Banks

  • Award Winning Criminal Justice Expert
  • Change Agent
  • Behavioral Scientist

Shakara Monique

Your Friendly Neighborhood Entertainer

Learn From the Best of the Best at Vyrós

Topics Covered at Vyrós


Imagine Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality


Imagine gaining insights and frameworks that you can apply immediately to start living your dream. Picture yourself at a fireside chat with Aaron Victor, absorbing invaluable wisdom and practical advice. Feel the energy of celebrating your achievements with like-minded individuals, all while enjoying the finest cuisine and entertainment.

Limited tickets available. Register now!

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Unlock Exclusive Access to Industry Leaders

At our "For Legends ONLY Private Lunch," you'll get the unique opportunity to speak directly with top industry leaders and have your specific questions answered. Yes, it's as close as it gets to having a personal mentor.

Why settle for generic advice when you can have tailored guidance? This exclusive lunch is designed for those who purchase the "Legend" experience—a curated event where you can gain invaluable insights and actionable advice. Plus, there are surprises waiting for YOU, our legend.

  • Direct Interaction with Speakers - Have one-on-one conversations with industry leaders.
  • Tailored Advice - Get answers specifically for your path to dream fulfillment.
  • Exclusive Surprises - Enjoy special perks available only to legends.
  • Limited Spaces - Ensure an intimate and focused setting for meaningful interactions.

This is your call to action. Vyrós is for you.

Join Us Today and Become a Legend!


What Makes Vyrós Different?

Vyrós is a transformative experience that empowers you to turn dreams into reality. Our inspirational industry leaders offer impactful workshops and talks, providing you with practical insights and frameworks that you can apply immediately to your life. 

  • Exclusive Features: Enjoy exclusive features, such as the book release by best-selling author Aaron Victor.
  • Unforgettable Celebrations: Experience the unforgettable 'Evening with the Heroes' filled with world-class cuisine and entertainment.
  • Thriving Community: Be part of a thriving community of dreamers and achievers, where you can celebrate your accomplishments with like-minded individuals.
  • Guidance and Resources: Receive the guidance and resources to help you live your dream.

Benefit from a dynamic combination of inspiration, education, and celebration that makes Vyrós unique and unforgettable.

Take action and register now to let Vyrós transform your life.

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Hero Experience: Embark on Your Quest (All Levels Include Meals & Refreshments)

  •  Awaken Your Inner Hero: Gain access to ALL conference sessions and ignite your journey with powerful talks and workshops.
  • Gear Up for Your Quest: Every Hero receives a commemorative special edition Vyrós event pen to capture your insights and a beautiful bound journal to chart your heroic journey. Plus, a handy hand sanitizer keeps you refreshed and ready for action throughout the event.
  •  A Secret Encounter Awaits: Prepare for a special event surprise that will propel you further on your hero's journey (details revealed Saturday night).
  •  The Fellowship Continues: Stay connected with the Vyrós community for 45 days post-event and keep the momentum going!



Guardian Experience: Ascend to New Heights (Includes All Hero Benefits +)

  •  Awaken Your Inner Hero (Plus!): Enjoy all the benefits of the Hero Experience and elevate your journey further.
  •  The Hero's Seat Awaits: Secure premium seating, ensuring optimal comfort and focus as you absorb wisdom from the Vyrós heroes.
  •  A Treasure from the Hero's Hand: Receive a signed copy of Aaron Victor's highly-anticipated new book, included in your exclusive swag bag.
  •  Extend Your Fellowship: Become part of the Vyrós community for 90 days post-event and continue forging valuable connections.



ONLY 9 Spots Remaining

Legend Experience: Forge Your Legacy (Includes All Guardian Benefits +)

  •  Awaken Your Inner Hero (Ultimate): Experience all the benefits of the Guardian tier and unlock the ultimate Vyrós experience.
  •  Legends Sit Front Row: Claim exclusive premier seating, putting you at the center of the action and closest to the Vyrós heroes.
  •  A Feast Fit for Legends: Join the speakers for a catered lunch on Saturday, fostering deeper connections and insightful conversations.
  •  The Fellowship Never Ends: Maintain your place within the Vyrós community for a full six months post-event,ensuring lasting inspiration and support on your heroic journey.
  •  Additional Legendary Surprises: Legends receive exclusive surprises to elevate their Vyrós experience beyond compare (details to be revealed soon!)